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PlantTel TV - Plant TiftNet, Inc. Annual Notice

(Version 20190129)

Products & Services: Our current list of residential and business products and services as well as terms and conditions are available upon request from Plant TiftNet Customer Service.

Installation: In order to avoid confusion later, we require that the individual who will be the account holder or any authorized party on the account sign for any necessary equipment as well as sign any service agreements and/or work orders. The account holder is responsible for the equipment whether they signed for the equipment or not. The authorized party is acting as an agent on their behalf to sign for the equipment. You must be at least 18 years of age and present at installation. If a credit card is required for a promotional service or otherwise, you may not use another person’s card. Plant TiftNet reserves the right to condition service on approval of a credit review and provision of a deposit or other security in appropriate circumstances. For scheduling, please contact a local office.

Adding or Changing Service: You may decide to add new services or substitute something else for what you have. Plant TiftNet offers a number of additional and optional services. A listing of our current service packages and prices is included with this notice and updated information is available on our website, Please keep in mind that programming and rates are subject to change. For scheduling, please contact a local office.

Moving: If you are disconnecting your Plant TiftNet services, please call our Customer Service Department. This is the best way for us to schedule a disconnect for your service and to make arrangements for the return of Plant TiftNet’s equipment. If you want services in your new home, call us in advance and we will schedule a transfer of service to your new address. Converters, remote control devices, modems, and any other equipment provided by Plant TiftNet should be returned within 7 days to Plant TiftNet, should you decide to disconnect your service. As discussed below under ‘Plant TiftNet Equipment,’ in order to avoid imposition of additional charges, you are responsible for these items until the equipment is returned in proper working condition. If you are currently under contract, additional penalties and fees may apply.

Service Calls: If you are experiencing trouble with your service, please contact our Customer Service Department at any time. If a customer service representative (CSR) cannot resolve the problem with you over the phone, we will schedule a service technician visit. Technicians will be dispatched to address service problems on a prioritized basis. Emergencies such as fallen lines, violent storms, ice, or other weather related problems may interfere with service. We will make our best efforts to correct the situation as soon as possible. We do everything possible to ensure consistently reliable services, but from time to time, service outages can occur. Additional truck roll fees may apply when the problem is

caused by the Customer or use of non-Plant TiftNet equipment.

How to Use Your Cable Service: Please visit our site at for detailed instructions for our equipment and services.

How Cable Works: The programming you enjoy on cable television is delivered to you through a complex series of electronic components and many miles of fiber optic and coaxial cable installed throughout your community. For each channel that is cablecast, signals might be received via satellite, fiber, microwave, or broadcast antennas at a central collection point. These signals are then processed, modulated and/or converted for cable distribution.

How to Hook Up Your Cable Service: There are several configurations possible to connect your consumer electronics equipment based upon your specific home equipment and your desired results. Plant TiftNet provides detailed step by step instructions for each configuration on its website as well as printed brochures which are made available at no cost at Plant TiftNet Customer Service. Please go to our web site for more connection setups and troubleshooting.

Parental Control Features: Many of Plant TiftNet’s converter boxes come equipped with certain parental control features that enable you to block objectionable programming. If your converter box does not have these features and you want a box with these features, please contact your local system. Instructions regarding the use of these features are available on the Plant TiftNet website. In addition, if images or sound appear on scrambled channels that you do not subscribe to and you would like those channels fully blocked, please contact the Plant TiftNet Customer Service or Plant TiftNet Support Services.

High Definition: To receive a channel in HD, customers must subscribe to the channel in Standard Definition, and have a CableCard, HD receiver, or DVR.

Digital Service: To receive Digital Service, a customer must have a Plant TiftNet issued digital cable receiver or CableCARD.

Channel Lineup/Card: Please visit our site at for the latest channel lineup card. Channel cards are also available upon request from Plant TiftNet Customer Service.

Availability of Broadcast Signals: All HD (high definition) versions of broadcast channels will require a digital cable receiver or CableCARD. Some SD (standard definition) versions of broadcast channels may require a digital cable receiver or CableCARD. Plant TiftNet Customer Service can provide a current list of which broadcast channels do or do not require a digital cable receiver or CableCARD.

Billing/TV Quality Complaint Procedure: At Plant TiftNet, we strive to give you the best possible customer service. But if you feel we’ve fallen short of this, please let us know. We’ll work with you to make things right and we’ll always try to use your feedback to improve things where we can.

The Complaint Process lets you know how to go about making a complaint and how to take it further, if you need to. It covers telephone, broadband and TV services provided to you by Plant TiftNet.

What to do if you’re not satisfied with our service:

If you have a complaint, we are fully committed to addressing all complaints, fully and fairly, and in a reasonable time frame. We prefer to resolve complaints by telephone – but if you’d prefer to receive a response in writing, then please ask.

You can contact us one of three ways:

1) By phone at 229-382-3003

2) Email us at

3) Mail a letter to:

Plant TiftNet

Attn: Customer Service

PO Box 187

Tifton, GA 31793

Upon complaint to Plant TiftNet by a customer, Plant TiftNet shall promptly investigate and advise the customer of the results.

In the event the customer is dissatisfied with Plant TiftNet's results, the customer may request that the complaint be reviewed by a Senior Manager. If the customer remains dissatisfied, the local franchise authority can be contacted.

Local Franchise Authorities:

Tift County

Tift County Commission

PO Box 826

Tifton, GA 31793

City of Tifton

204 Ridge Ave North

Tifton, GA 31794


City of Omega

P. O. Box 6

Omega, GA 31775

Atkinson County

Atkinson County Commission

P. O. Box 518

Pearson, GA 31642

City of Pearson

89 Main St. S.

Pearson, GA 31642

City of Willacoochee

33 Fleetwood Ave.

Willacoochee, GA 31650

Coffee County

Coffee County Commission

101 Peterson Ave. S.

Douglas, GA 31533

Colquitt County

Colquitt County Commission

702 7th Ave. N.W.

Moultrie, GA 31768

Cook County

Cook County Commission

1200 S. Hutchinson Ave.

Adel, GA 31620

City of Lenox

P. O. Box 560

Lenox, GA 31637

Crisp County

Crisp County Commission

210 7th St. N. #303

Cordele, GA 31015

Dooly County

Dooly County Commission

113 N. 3rd St., Room #1

Vienna, GA 31092

City of Pinehurst

P. O. Box 118

Pinehurst, GA 31070

Emanuel County

Emanuel County Commission

101 N. Main Street

Swainsboro, GA 30401

Montgomery County

Montgomery County Commission

P. O. Box 295

Mt. Vernon, GA 30445

City of Tarrytown

P. O. Box 905

Tarrytown, GA 30470

Treutlen County

Treutlen County Commission

Suite 1, 1830 Martin Luther King Dr.

Soperton, GA 30457

City of Soperton

P. O. Box 229

Soperton, GA 30457

Worth County

Worth County Commission

201 N. Main St., Suite 30

Sylvester, GA 31791

Plant TiftNet Equipment: The equipment that we provide to our subscribers is and shall remain the property of Plant TiftNet and must be returned to us at any time service is discontinued for any reason, or any time that the company wishes to exchange such equipment. Failure to return Plant
TiftNet equipment may result in charges being applied to your account as specified in our equipment agreement or as permitted by law. We will replace or repair Plant TiftNet equipment at no charge in the event of a failure due to normal use. Remote control devices can be repaired or replaced in our office. The customer is responsible for replacement of the remote control batteries in the event of battery failure. See your copy of our equipment agreement for additional details. Plant TiftNet does not provide Phone modem batteries. Eqiupment Rental Fees are available upon request from Plant TiftNet Customer Service.

Converter Boxes: One of the advantages of our cable service is that we offer many more channels of programming than are available over-the-air. Some of you may have older TV sets or other equipment that is not capable of tuning in all of our channels, including some or all of the local off-the-air television stations which are carried on channel positions above channel 13. Even if you have a TV, VCR or other equipment that was advertised as being able to receive all cable channels or “cable-ready,” it still may not be able to receive all of the cable channels that we provide. Also, some TVs, VCRs and other equipment cannot tune all cable channels without some interference. If you believe that any of these situations applies to your equipment, we will, for a monthly fee, provide you with a converter box that will enable you to tune in all of the unscrambled channels to which you subscribe.

In addition, because we scramble certain channels we offer, you will need a descrambler if you want to receive scrambled channels regardless of whether your TV or VCR is capable of receiving all of our unscrambled channels. Converter boxes lawfully purchased at retail will not have the capability to unscramble our scrambled programming. To descramble such programming, you will need to contact Plant TiftNet to obtain a descrambler. You may purchase a CableCARD ready TV or other device from a retail outlet, but to descramble services you must rent the CableCARD from Plant TiftNet. Please remember, however, that converters with built-in descrambling capability or CableCARDs authorized to work with our system may only be obtained from Plant TiftNet. In fact, if you should see advertisements offering to sell cable converter boxes that have descramblers in them (so-called “black boxes” or “pirate boxes”) or CableCARDs offered by anyone other than Plant TiftNet, you should understand that these devices are illegal to sell or use. Because of the need to protect our scrambled services, we will not authorize the use of any converter with a built-in descrambler, or of any CableCARDs, unless provided by Plant TiftNet. People who use illegal converter/descramblers or CableCARDs are actually stealing cable service and this practice ultimately results in increased prices to our paying subscribers. Plant TiftNet’s policy is to prosecute cable theft to the full extent allowed by law. As you may know, a converter box “converts” the cable channels to a single channel that can be tuned by your TV. This means that while the channels change on the converter box, your TV remains tuned to one channel, usually channel 3 or 4. Please understand that the process of converting all of our channels to a single channel means that you can only receive one channel at a time through the converter. Only this single converted channel can then be viewed on the TV or recorded by a VCR or DVR. This means that there may be certain features of such devices that may not work. For example, simultaneous reception of any two scrambled signals or tuning to alternate channels on a pre-programmed schedule, direct reception of unscrambled signals, taping one program while watching another, recording two or more consecutive programs that appear on different channels, and the use of advanced features like “picture-in-picture” may not be possible without additional equipment. Similarly, the ability to use interactive features such as electronic program guides, and pay-per-view may be affected depending on the type of equipment you have. If you would like to use some of these features, we can provide you with supplemental equipment. This equipment may include an additional converter, or if you have a TV or other equipment that can tune all of our unscrambled cable channels, a switch and/or a special converter with a switch that will enable you to by-pass the converter and tune all unscrambled channels with your TV, VCR or DVR. Please contact us regarding your wishes and we will be happy to give you a schedule of charges for such equipment. In addition, you may purchase by-pass switches at certain retail outlets.

CableCARDs: CableCARDs enable customers to receive digital programming, including high-definition (HD) programs, without a Plant TiftNet issued set-top box. Certain 3rd party devices including TV’s, set-top boxes, and other digital cable tuners have ports for CableCARDs. Without the use of a Plant TiftNet set-top box, some features may not be available. In addition, Plant TiftNet has a limited ability to troubleshoot service issues related to customers’ use of the 3rd party CableCARD devices. For more information regarding CableCARDs, please contact Plant TiftNet Customer Service.

Remote Controls: Plant TiftNet includes at no charge a remote control unit with each cable converter box. It is also possible that the remote control that came with your TV, VCR, or DVR is capable of controlling our converter boxes as well. In that case, feel free to use it. If you choose, you may purchase at a retail outlet a “universal” remote control device which is capable of working with our converters. Universal remotes at this time do not work with All Digital Devices. You can purchase these types of remote controls from many sources, including consumer appliance stores, electronics outlets, or over the Internet. If you are unsure as to whether a particular remote control you are thinking of purchasing is compatible with your converter, please contact us. Remote control devices other than the ones supplied by Plant TiftNet may not be compatible with certain features or services of your converter boxes. If there is any further information we can give you regarding the compatibility of our cable system and your TV or other device(s), please do not hesitate to contact us.

E911 NOTICE: As a component of your phone service, you will normally have access to the emergency 911 service at your registered address. Since E911 response can only determine your location by the address we have on record, you must contact Plant TiftNet before moving your modem to another address. Additionally, your E911 service will not operate if there is a power outage in your or if your service is interrupted due to network or other technical problems.

Billing Procedures:

Policies and Disclaimer: All Prices, TV Channel Lineups, Internet Speeds and Packages are subject to change without notice. Accounts not paid by the due date may be assessed a $5 late payment processing fee on the following statement. An additional $39 disconnect charge will be applied to all accounts with unpaid balances sent to the field for collection. Seven (7) days advance notification is required for termination of services. All leased and loaned equipment must be returned. Failure to return equipment will result in equipment charges up to $600 per unit. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify us when services are being discontinued or are to be disconnected. Third party companies are not responsible for disconnection notifications of your services to Plant TiftNet.

Taxes and Other Fees: Listed rates do not include franchise fees, copyright, taxes, or other associated surcharges, Federal, state, and local taxes, governmental regulatory fees and surcharges.

Your Monthly Statement: Your monthly statement is generated by our billing service. When you receive your statement we recommend that you examine it carefully. The last date for which payments were posted is shown on the bill. Any payment received after that date will be reflected in your next billing statement. The balance due reflects the amount due on your account. This balance due (less any payments you made which are not yet posted) must be paid by the date indicated to avoid late fees or collection activity. The company is not responsible for payments mailed but not received on or before the due date. If you mail your payment, please allow seven business days for it to be posted to your account.