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PlantTel TV FAQs

1. How do I get the Planttel TV app?
You can download the Planttel TV app directly to your device! Amazon, Android and Apple have app stores where you can easily search for our app (search for “Planttel TV”). It even works on your Android and Apple smartphones! From your smartphone or tablet, go to the App Store to download the Planttel TV app. It’s that simple. If you already have one of these devices, we can sign you up today. If you do not have a device that can accommodate the Planttel TV app, you can rent a device from us that has the app pre-loaded.

2. Why do I need a Firestick or Apple device?
All of our content will be delivered (streamed) to the Planttel TV app. The Planttel TV app can be downloaded using the Firestick or Apple device. Our customers love this because it makes connecting TVs easy! With Planttel TV, you can watch TV anywhere on the Planttel network with no messy coax in the way. All you need is power. Please note that you do need to be in a place with a strong wireless signal for Planttel TV to work properly.

3. Can I download the Planttel TV app directly to my Smart TV?
This depends on the operating system of the Smart TV. If your TV has an Android or Amazon Fire operating system, you may be able to download the Planttel TV app directly to the TV. Please note that we cannot guarantee the quality of your viewing experience or guarantee compatibility. We are constantly monitoring the experience using our recommended devices so we can ensure that you are getting the best experience possible with Planttel TV. Questions about install? Visit our How To page.

4. What are Planttel TV’s recommended devices?
Click here to view Planttel TV’s Supported Devices or you can refer to our User Guide.

5. What are streams?
Streams are how we transmit your content to your device. One stream equals one active feed per user. Here’s an example: If you are watching TV on a certain channel, and your spouse is watching a different channel on their iPad, and your child is watching a different channel on their computer, you will be utilizing THREE streams. The number of streams you need is based on the number of simultaneous devices you want to use at any given time.

6. How many streams can 50 Mb Internet service support?
One stream utilizes approximately 5 Mb. 50 Mb is sufficient to support most households with Planttel TV.

7. Is Planttel TV new or is it an app you add on to our current television service?
Planttel TV is a new video product delivered through an app owned by Planttel. We are launching this new service in order to offer a whole new viewing experience. We are delivering our video service with the same content you love, but through an app to enable viewing on your TV, computer, and/or smart device. Planttel TV will eventually replace our traditional television service (i.e. set top boxes).

8. Can I set up recordings from my mobile device?
Yes! Open the Planttel TV app on your mobile device, find what you would like to record, and tap the record button. You will be asked if you want to record a single episode or the entire series. Once you’ve set this to record, all your recordings will be stored in our safe and secure Cloud DVR — meaning you can watch your recorded content anywhere. Even while on vacation!

9. Where can I get a Firestick or Apple TV device?
We recommend that you order the Firestick from Amazon or the Apple device from the Apple Store. With the Amazon Firestick, you will need an Amazon account. Please note that you do not need Amazon Prime. If you would rather stream the Planttel TV app through Apple TV, you will need an Apple/iTunes account. Both Amazon and Apple accounts are free. Ordering from these accounts will automatically register your device to your account, which will save you time during your installation. It also ensures that you are getting the most recent version. If you already have one of these devices then you are already registered, and can download the Planttel TV app. Still have questions on how the installation process works? You can view our Planttel TV Installation Guide here!

10. What if I do not have a Smart TV?
If you do not own a Smart TV, you’ll need to check if your TV has an HDMI port to connect to the device of your choice. The device (like the Amazon Firestick) will plug into the HDMI port and plug into the power source that comes with the device. If your TV was purchased before 2002, you may be able to buy an adapter, but we can’t guarantee a good experience with video. For reference, please refer to our User Guide and our list of Supported Devices.

11. What is the difference between our current television service and Planttel TV?
Our legacy system is mostly digital. Planttel TV is a brand new video system. We are upgrading our product to Planttel TV because it offers you quality HD programming, an interactive guide, Cloud based DVR, Restart and Replay, and lots of other next gen features. Please note that Planttel TV will eventually replace our traditional television service.

12. Can I purchase an Amazon Firestick or Apple Devices from Planttel?
No. We prefer our customers purchase these devices through the manufacturers and approved resellers to ensure the best price available.

13. Can I pair a universal remote with Planttel TV?
No, but most people really love the simplicity of the Firestick remote once they use it. You can add a Side Click to your Firestick for a slightly more traditional feel. This will need to be purchased separately. Amazon, Apple, and Android have “remote control” apps that you can download directly to your smartphone or iPad. “Yay!” for never losing your remote again! The Firestick also allows you to use your keypad to select channels. With our simple search capabilities, you can easily find what you want to watch with Planttel TV.

14. Why do I need Planttel high-speed Internet to use Planttel TV?
The live Planttel TV signal, unlike other streaming services, does not leave the Planttel network. This allows a more consistent, and higher quality, viewing experience. Because the Planttel TV service is delivered over the same connection as your Internet service it is important that your home network is working optimally. Planttel’s installation staff will help ensure your Internet service is ready for the next generation of video!